Monday, November 2, 2015

Caught in a Trap!

"Things that look attractive and appealing, often times, take you down a path of destruction."

     I know you're probably thinking, "What in the world is that picture?" Well, let me explain. 

     Every summer, we have a horrible time with wasps invading our front porch. This summer has proven to be worse than years past, preventing me (or anyone else) from sitting and enjoying the comfort of our big covered porch. One day, my dad came home with a solution, a wasp trap! Actually, it's nothing more than a glorified STICKY fly trap.

     I really couldn't imagine how this thing could possibly work, I mean, "what would entice the wasps to the trap?"

     I took a quick glimpse of the instructions before I hung the trap up and it said something about the colors and design of the trap attracting the bothersome bugs. It didn't matter one way or another to me, as long as it solved my problem.
     Well, not even an hour later, there were 10 wasps stuck to this ingenious contraption! Yes, they were struggling and looking pitiful, but I hardened my heart as I smiled and walked away. Over the next few days, we captured many, many more wasps, flies and various other insects. I was elated and decided to look into buying stock in this product.

     After about a week of owning this wasp annihilator, I glanced at the trap as I was pulling into our driveway. From a distance, it looked as if it was completely covered in dead bugs. Overwhelmed with pleasure, I entered the house and told my husband of my revelation. He then informed me that it wasn't dead bugs that I was seeing, but rather, BIRD FEATHERS!  

     Some poor, unfortunate bird, enticed by a free meal (and probably the beautiful design and colors) appeared to have lost all his feathers (and almost his life) on this apparent smorgasbord from heaven.  

     Isn't that just like us as humans too? We are drawn to the beautiful, alluring, enticing things this world has to offer. And even after other's warn of the impending danger, we dive in head first. After all, just one touch couldn't possibly do any harm, right? Ask that question of that featherless bird, hobbling around and I bet he'd answer you differently.

     The enemy of our soul, Satan, tries to entice us with beautifully, seductive things like money, love, perfection, possessions.....and the list goes on. But there's always a catch, and we never see it until it's too late. It's after we're caught in the trap, screaming and pleading for our life, that we realize the huge mistake we've made. 

     Think through the decisions you make before you latch on to the next latest and greatest thing. Don't believe everything others tell you about how great it will be or how it will make your life better. More than likely, they're trying to pull you in so they're not alone in their misery. Hence the saying, "misery loves company!"

      Ask yourself these questions; "What will the ramifications be if I do this? How will it affect me and my family, next week, next month or next year? Is it just satisfying my fleshly desires or will it be best for everyone around me? Am I ashamed for anyone else to know about this?" If you have to enjoy whatever it is in secret, then that's a pretty good indication that it's a bad decision. 

     Don't buy into the world's philosophy to only focus on yourself and your happiness. To be completely fulfilled and satisfied in life, you have to focus on others. Look outside of yourself and your desires and find a need. Then fill that need. You'll be amazed at what can transpire out of that. The world is waiting for you to make a difference. Will you take the challenge? Or will you settle for a wasp trap?.........

Have a great day!