Monday, October 10, 2011

Under pressure!

Jeremiah 18:4, 6

     But the jar he was making did not turn out as he had hoped, so the potter squashed the jar into a lump of clay and started again. Then the Lord gave this message, “As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand.”

     This past weekend, I had the privilege of sharing God’s Word and this passage specifically, with a group of ladies at a women’s event. A few weeks prior, during my prayer time, the Lord impressed upon me a powerful word picture regarding truth from this scripture and the importance of sharing it with others.

     In our Christian circles, we often hear sermons preached and songs written about the fact that “God is the potter, and we are the clay”, but do we really dwell on that fact and accept the reality of that statement? If God really is the potter, are we truly allowing him to mold and reshape us, or do we fight and resist his attempts to create a useful masterpiece to be used for his glory?

     If we were to go to a potter’s workshop to create a beautiful vase to display in our home, we would sit at the potter’s wheel with a lump of clay and begin to mold and shape it until it was formed into our desired object. If the clay was not pliable enough, we would need to rework it and even squash it a few times in order for it to yield to our touch. Eventually, we would break the clay down and rebuild it into our own masterpiece, causing it to live up to its intended purpose.

     We are that lump of clay that God is trying to mold and shape into our intended purpose, but instead of yielding to his touch, we fight and resist all his efforts to create something beautiful out of our lives. Fortunately, for us, he never gives up his efforts and usually applies more pressure to accomplish his goal. When we’re in the midst of the painful molding process, we’re usually unable to recognize and accept the much needed manipulation that is taking place, but if we would endure the pressure and trauma, a yielded vessel would appear from the rubble.

     Only a yielded vessel can be used by God; one that will go where he wants it to go and say “yes” to his every command. But to become that yielded vessel, squashing usually needs to take place first.

     So the next time, you’re walking through difficult circumstances or trying situations, allow yourself to see it as a molding opportunity from God. Instead of fighting and resisting, consider yielding to his touch and allowing him to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in your life. Eventually, you’ll be able to stand before him as a beautiful masterpiece created by his loving hands, able to accomplish great and mighty things for his glory!

     Are you walking through some difficult situations in your life and wondering, “Why?” Consider the fact that God is trying to mold you into a yielded vessel devoted completely to him. Lay your situation at the foot of the cross and allow God to pick it up and solve it any way he sees fit. Ask him to give you the grace to endure the process he is taking you through.

Have a great day!


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