Friday, December 23, 2011

Regaining my voice!

Philemon 1:6 

     I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

     It seems that one thing after another has taken place over the past two months which has caused me to forfeit my time to contribute to this blog. This blog is just one of many ways in which I am offered the opportunity to share my faith with those who are hurt, hungry, discouraged and hopeless, and who choose to search the internet looking for an answer to their problems. I understand that many people may be turned off by another blog “cramming the Bible down their throat” but I also understand that for every one person that may be turned off or offended, there are many others that are at the end of their rope, and this blog may be the very thing that encourages them to hang on one more moment, while God sweeps into their life and transforms their very existence. In other words, I believe God can use words on a page to help influence someone’s life, especially if those words are HIS WORDS and come straight from his book, the Bible.

     The events of the past few months, in one way or another have caused me to lose my voice. Not literally, but in a spiritual sense. God placed a call on my life, from the moment of conception, to speak and share the Good News of his gospel, which is the free gift of his salvation. All of us, as fellow Christians, have that same call on our life. When we understand and comprehend the fact that our lives have been spared from the judgment we deserved because of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the price that he paid for us, on the cross, we can’t help but share that Good News with everyone we come in contact with. It’s our VOICE. Christ gave it to us, in hopes that we would use it.

     Unfortunately, many things can quiet or even halt our voice; fear, doubt, unbelief, stress, turmoil, sickness, anger, unforgiveness, discouragement, and distractions. With that being said, I have allowed some situations in my own life to quiet and almost halt my voice. The verse above tells us that if we are not actively sharing our faith, we cannot continue to understand the good things we have in Christ. We become so entangled in our own self-pity, and self-absorption, that we are unable to give out to those around us, so that, in turn, we can’t receive back from the Lord. Our perspective takes a complete nose-dive, right into the depths of our self-centered soul. It’s right where the enemy wants us to live; defeated, discouraged and voiceless.
     I awoke this morning with a new resolve……a resolve to regain my voice. I choose this day to take back what the enemy has attempted to steal. Jesus Christ gave me my voice, and I will use it from this point forward, regardless of the circumstances going on around me, regardless of my feelings and emotions, and regardless of what others may say about me. It is in using my voice that I become aware of who Jesus Christ is, but it also makes me aware of who I am, through him, and with that combination, the future looks bright and clear.

     Today is a new day………..and I’ve got my voice back!

Merry CHRISTmas!!

Have you ever felt like you lost your voice? What’s holding you back from sharing the love of Christ with others? Make a list of those things, and then run that list through a shredder, as you make a new covenant with the Lord to regain YOUR VOICE!

Have a great day!

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