Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let me give you some advice!

Colossians 3:16-17

     Let the words of Christ, in all their richness, live in your hearts and make you wise. Use his words to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts. And whatever you do or say, let it be as a representative of the Lord Jesus, all the while giving thanks through him to God the Father.

     Where do the words that live in your heart, and give you wisdom, come from? Is it from your financial advisor, your best friend from high school, your boss, your daily horoscope, your local news network, or the Word of God? We attempt to gain wisdom from many different sources and often times, neglect receiving it from the only one reliable source that we have; God’s Word.

     According to this scripture, we’re supposed to use God’s Word to teach and counsel each other, but instead, we allow our feelings and emotions to dictate the advice and counsel we dish out to others. We give advice from what we can see with our human eyes, rather than allowing God’s Word to get straight to the heart of the matter.

     God’s Word is usually in direct opposition to what our emotionally driven advice would normally be. We always tend to seek revenge, control, safety and security. God’s Word always leads us towards love, mercy, loss of control, and faith. It’s difficult to give counsel, advice, and blessings to someone who’s walking out their God-ordained calling as a missionary to a dangerous, violent, non-Christian country, knowing that they may not live long enough to return back home. Our emotions want to dictate our advice to them, but God has a greater plan and sees the bigger picture.

     In my own personal life, my husband has the opportunity to retire from his job as a firefighter in two years and live out his passion and calling of leading short-term missions trips. Advice and counsel from a human standpoint would lead him to continue working at his stable job, especially in light of our country’s present financial situation. But the Word of God tells us to trust the Lord and lean not on our own understanding. It’s not about our comfort and security, it’s about fulfilling our God-given purpose and plan and touching lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     If you’re seeking wisdom, I challenge you to put aside the advice and counsel you get from others, and sincerely and earnestly look to God’s Word for direction and guidance. And if you’re sharing wisdom with others, I also challenge you to look to God’s Word before you willingly share your advice and counsel with someone else. Let his Word overrule your emotions. If we are to be true disciples of Christ, it’s a difficult but necessary place to live.

     Where do you turn for advice? Have you ever considered going to God’s Word first, before ever attempting to seek it from someone else? Are you quick to act on emotions and feelings? Take some time today to seek out God’s Word on a specific situation you’re dealing with in your own life.

Have a great day!

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